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Quality - Experience - Dedication
Court Record Search and Retrieval
As Investigators, we spend a significant amount of time at local
courthouse searching records.  We can search records in any
county or federal court.   We can provide as little as the name
and case number to copies of the entire case file, which ever
best suits your needs.  Need a document filed?  We can do that
as well.  If you have any questions or you would like to obtain a
price quote, please contact us at 708-5
35-1411 or send us an
email by clicking here..
Why choose STO Investigations for Court Records
Searches and Retrievals?

  • Experience:  Our firm has been gathering court records
    for over 10 years. With that amount of experience, you
    can be sure the job will be done right.

  • Dedication:  Our experienced investigators work
    tirelessly to exhaust all leads and find the information
    you are looking for

  • Quality:  Our team takes prides in their work.  
    Professional, comprehensive, thorough investigative
    reports are provided on all investigations.   We will pass
    along all information we uncover.  You never know what
    information will make or break your case.